In Tolkien's legendarium, Middle Earth was initially on a flat world and linked to Valinor (where the Valar/Angels/blessed Elves are), but Eru (God) split the lands at the end of the Second Age, turning Middle Earth into a round world a.k.a. Earth, and "removing" Valinor from the physical plane. At the time of the Lord… » 4/09/14 8:14am 4/09/14 8:14am

Forty nine years later, a catastrophic eruption ripped Juntown apart, and pyroclastic clouds dissolved the starport and the science complex. The six colonies and outposts nearby were evacuated, and United West Space Corporation banned all subsequent rescue attempts as massive geomagnetic disturbances continued to wipe… » 3/04/14 7:38pm 3/04/14 7:38pm